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Sinter Claus (Holland)

Sinter Claus (Holland)

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Sinter Claus (Holland)
Released in 2014
Designed and Painted by Mary Jo Gross from Aloha, OR
Original Carving by Rob Francis
All our collectibles are 100% Made in the USA
Approximately 7" tall

Sinter Claus and his assistant Zwarte Piet, appear in public on December 5th to usher in the Christmas season, bringing with them presents for all the children. But only the good ones! Every year, Zwarte Piet arrives Holland from his home country of Spain to help Sinter Claus with his Christmas duties. Sinter Claus loves working with Zwarte Piet because he’s a kid at heart and the kids can’t wait to receive the contents of his bag full of candy and toys.

Since 2013, each of our Old World Santas have one of the most important documents in western civilization embedded into the center of each one. We fold up and encase into the center of each Santa, a copy of the Declaration of Independence. It is the bedrock of individual liberty and defines what is unique and, well... let's face it, great about America. We find it befitting since we are... Great American Collectibles.

The artistry of our pieces has been stepped up tremendously since 2011. From 1988 to 2010, our pieces had a more simple, folk art (almost spartan) look to the artistry. However, since 2011, we stepped up the look to an incredibly detailed presentation. It's jaw-dropping gorgeous, while still maintaining its folk art roots. Although the artistry is much more detailed and distinct than our old style of painting, they all still have the folk art carved appearance that we have all come to know and love about Great American Collectibles. But the time it takes now, to paint just one Santa, is orders of magnitude more than the older method. Hence the higher price points. But along with the higher price point comes a piece of art that retains even more value as time marches on. We hope you enjoy it.

In addition, this particular Santa includes his story engraved onto a wooden "chip" as well as having an engraved wooden stand attached to the underside of the Santa. As always, each Old World Santa is a limited edition collectible and is serially numbered.

He's brand new, in the original box with all the original accessories including his story chip (engraved wooden plaque.)

USPS Priority Shipping is included free with the price. If you wish to have it sent outside the US, purchase the item at the listed price and then tell us where you need to have it sent in the comments during your purchase. We'll come to a mutually agreeable additional price and solidify the purchase. If we don't come to an agreement, we'll just cancel the purchase and you won't be charged or will be refunded.

140 USD

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