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Matilda I Claus (Australia)

Matilda I Claus (Australia)

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Originally released in 2000.

First... the back story:

This isn't her character's story... it's the real story behind Matilda. The year that Matilda I (roman numeral 1) came out, the owner of Great American at the time had a falling out with the carver of the original Old World Santas. Although I don't know the full story behind the falling out, I do know that this was the first year that the entire year's Old World Santas were carved by a new carver. Before that happened, though, the original carver had already carved Matilda. And Jack, the owner of Great American back then, had replicated some already for that year. He had yet to replicate the others for that year, so this is the only one that was issued that year, that was created by the original carver. But he also had Matilda II carved by the new carver. So, essentially, there were two Matildas issued that year. This is Matilda I. I honestly don't know Matilda I's story. So I can't guarantee that this is also the story for Matilda I, if there is indeed even a story for her. But this is the story for Matilda II:

The Story:

Matilda Claus II lives in Sydney, Australia where she plays first violin in the Sydney Symphony. In 1999, she too grew tired of just waltzing around the country and decided to go to Santa School where she finished first in her class.

Bottom line... I'm not even sure how many Matilda I's were created. So this is definitely a collector's item if there ever was one. ;-)
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