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Justin Claus (Canada)

Click on the picture to the left to access more pictures. First image is hand drawn of the Santa for marketing purposes. The others are actual photographs of that character. Of course, each piece is hand painted so they are not 100% identical, but the color scheme and quality of the artistry is the same, of course.

Justin Claus is 7” tall x 2.75” wide x 2.5” deep. He comes mounted on a wooden engraved base and a separate engraved wooden "Story Chip" (both pictured).

All our collectibles are 100% Made in the USA!

Justin Claus (Canada)

Released in 2016
Only 100 Issued

His Story:
Justin Claus is from Ottawa, Canada. He and his father before him, (Pierre) have been giving presents to Canadians for generations. Justin Claus is the second youngest Old World Santa in history and the only one ever born on December 25th. He loves his job and wants to make his father (and his country) proud.

130 USD