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Holiday Bowler (Freedom)

Holiday Bowler (Freedom)

This is our Holiday Bowler line that we had released a long time ago, but are re-releasing under our new quality upgrade (the paint job is exquisite.) The Freedom Bowler is the first to be re-released in this line. Others in the pipeline are themed after St. Patty's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween and we have a Birthday one, too. They are approximately 8.5" tall.

Like all our collectibles, the original is carved from wood by a Great American wood carver and then we replicate them out of a resin, designed to retain the qualities of the original wood carving. Then each is hand painted by a Great American artist. He comes perched atop an engraved wooden base and a nicely done "blankelope" to store him in, with the cloth label sewn into the blankelope.

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90 USD