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Crispin Claus (England)

Crispin Claus (England)

Released in 2013
Only 50 Issued
Each Old World Santa is a limited edition collectible and is serially numbered. They are mounted onto a wooden base, the underside of which is engraved important info about your Crispin Claus. Your Santa will also include a wooden story chip with the following story engraved on it:

His Story:
Crispin Claus is from Grantham, England. In 1740, his ancestor accidentally mixed up some ingredients while baking biscuits and came up with a sweet cookie. They were so tasty, he sold them under the name of “Grantham Gingerbreads.” Every Christmas, Crispin enjoys filling the stockings of the local children with teddy bears and his family’s famous gingerbreads.


135 USD

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