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Amador Claus (Panama)

Amador Claus (Panama)

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Amador Claus (Panama)

Released in 2015
Only 100 Issued
Designed and Painted by Mary Jo Gross from Aloha, OR
Orginal Carving by Mark Bair
All our collectibles are 100% Made in the USA
Approximately 8" tall

There is a unique backstory to Amador. My wife and I decided to take our two daughters on a 5 to 6 year journey around the world, "Worldschooling" them along the way. We left the US in Oct of 2014. Our first year on the road, we chose to live in a little fishing village in Pedasi, Panama. We have immersed the girls in the language and culture and we're all learning to live with 100 degree heat all year 'round. (Way worse than AZ was.) So Panama was an easy selection for one of our Santas this year. The little dog in the scene is actually a real dog here. He hangs out on our road. He has a severely undersized bottom jaw, compared to his upper jaw and we call him Derpy Dog. (Kind of looks like the dog on The Simpson's cartoon, who appropriately enough is called "Santas Little Helper." Although we didn't go with that name for obvious copyright reasons. Ha!)

As we continue our travels, I'm sure we'll be personalizing our future Santas, grabbing ideas as we move around the world. You can follow our travels at 

Amador Claus is from a small fishing village on the Azuero Peninsula, called Pedasi. Every Christmas he and his helper, Derpy Dog, hands out fireworks to the villagers before the Christmas Eve celebration. But only to the families who have children on the nice list. Every Christmas the entire town enjoys the fireworks show for miles. Panama loves fireworks!

Since 2013, each of our Old World Santas have had one of the most important documents in western civilization embedded into the center of each one. We fold up and encase into the center of each Santa, a copy of the Declaration of Independence. It is the bedrock of individual liberty and defines what is unique and, well... let's face it, great about America. We find it particularly befitting since we are, after all... Great AMERICAN Collectibles.

The artistry of our pieces has been stepped up tremendously since 2011. From 1988 (when the line started) to 2010, our pieces had a more simple, folk art (almost spartan) look to the artistry. However, since 2011, with the help of one of the most amazing artist I've ever worked with, Mary Jo Gross, we stepped up the look to an incredibly detailed presentation. Her work is jaw-dropping gorgeous, while still maintaining its folk art roots. Although the artistry is much more detailed and distinct than our old style of painting, they all still have the folk art carved appearance that we have all come to know and love about Great American Collectibles. But the time it takes now, to paint just one Santa, is orders of magnitude more than the older method. Hence the higher price points. But along with the higher price point comes a piece of art that retains even more value as time marches on. And with the addition, this year, of the copper base and story chip.... well... Our Santas are unparalleled in the collectible space. We hope you enjoy them for years to come.

He's brand new, in the original box with all the original accessories including his wooden, laser engraved base and story "chip".

Depending on timing in relation to Christmas, your order will come via USPS Ground or Priority Shipping. If you wish to have it sent outside the US, purchase the item at the listed price and then tell us where you need to have it sent in the comments during your purchase. We'll come to a mutually agreeable additional price and solidify the purchase. If we don't come to an agreement, we'll just cancel the purchase and you won't be charged or will be refunded.

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